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Hoos Paint The Town Orange
Stephon Dingle

It was great day to be a Hoos fan as the evening went on and people started to flock to the Downtown Mall, you could feel the energy in the air that everybody was happy Cavalier sports were back. Fellow student-athletes of the men and women's basketball teams came down to sign autographs for fans support the football team and their big season opener. For one set of parents from Boston, who was helping their son move in for graduate school, Painting the Town Orange was a perfect match for their arrival. "Well we had a 13 hour drive in a uhaul packed with furniture, so just getting here and enjoying Charlottesville, it's our first time in Charlottesville, it's a beautiful city, it's clean, the people are great," said John Lind. For the locals of Charlottesville, Paint the Town Orange is like a citywide celebration. "It's just a really great time, it's like the pep rally for an entire city," said Rebecca Peters. Well most of the city of Charlottesville was on hand to see the Hoos marching band play sweets sounds to get the crowd pumped up for the big game. "It's so much fun, it gets the whole town pumped up and everyone's excited, we love the cavaliers," said Peters. When coach Mike London and the UVa football team greeted the crowd, fans were all tuned in and hopeful of a victory, as the sentiment was "why not us?" When asked what to expect for tomorrow, long time season ticket holder Ronnie Collier said, "well I'm hoping we beat UCLA, but I'm not making any bets on it though." No matter what bet you make on the game, one thing can be guaranteed, Hoos fans will be out early tomorrow tailgating and having a good time during the game win or lose.

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