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Need to Know - Friday August 29, 2014
Tomas Harmon

August 29, 2014 MCDONNELL TRIAL: Friday was closing arguments in the Federal Corruption Trial against former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen. In their conclusion, the prosecution told the jurors, "Bob McDonnell new why Jonnie Williams was showering his family with gifts and so do you." The jury will get the case on Tuesday. BID-RIGGING SCHEME: Fitzgerald Barnes, David Deane and Charlie Philips pled guilty Friday to a federal misdemeanor charge related to big-rigging. They participated in a scheme to fix bids on athletic apparel purchased for Monticello High School. FIGHTER JET PILOT IDENTIFIED: Investigators say Lieutenant Colonel Morris "Moose" Fontenot, Jr. was killed after they found evidence he did not eject from his F-15 fighter jet that crashed in a remote part of Augusta County. The investigation into the crash is still ongoing. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER SENTENCED: Corey Schock was sentenced Friday for having a sexually explicit conversation online with a 15-year-old girl. The former elementary school teacher from Charlottesville will spend the next ten years in federal prison. NEW TENNIS COURTS: Students at Crozet Elementary School have new $65,000 kid-size tennis courts. The courts at the school are 36-feet, which is the standard for kids ages 8 and under.

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