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Stoner Arrested with Over $10k Worth of Marijuana in Orange Co.

Aug. 19, 2014 A tip in Orange County leads investigators to what they say was a marijuana growing operation. On Thursday, August 14, the Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force, in conjunction with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on Berry Run Road in Orange Co. Law enforcement had received information that the resident there, 42-year-old Paul Scott Stoner, was involved in the distribution of marijuana to juveniles. During their search, authorities located marijuana growing near Stoner’s home. Investigators seized marijuana plants, loose marijuana, drug paraphernalia, prescription medication, needles, spoons, item’s related to illegal narcotics use and multiple firearms. The street value of the marijuana plants seized is $10,500. At this time Stoner has been charged with manufacturing marijuana, and possession of a firearm while in possession of more than a pound of Marijuana. The investigation is still ongoing and further charges are pending.

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