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Neighbors Connect Jesse Matthew to Area Where Body Was Found
Loren Thomas

October 20, 2014 The 3100 block of Old Lynchburg Rd. remained closed Monday, with investigators and members of the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office searching the scene at an abandoned property where human remains were found. Those remains were discovered during a search for 18-year-old Hannah Graham on Saturday and since then neighbors have been frightened about the possibility of a murder in their backyard. “It's such a remote area and if you are out here by yourself, I mean who would've thought that something like this could happen,” says Caroline Burns. Burns lives along Old Lynchburg Rd and says the abandoned property gets leased or rented from time to time, but people don't stay there very long. CBS19 has learned that the property is located between the 3100 & 3200 blocks of Old Lynchburg Rd. “It's been in disrepair for quite some time and it looks like a scary movie set when you drive by it,” says Burns. One resident who lives further down Old Lynchburg Rd said off-camera that she searched her property when Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo asked the community to check their own land, but she says the heavily wooded area brings out a lot of hunters who sometimes leave dead animals on the side of the road. She says a foul smell or a car on the side of the road would not be out of the ordinary. When it comes to Jesse Matthew, the man accused of abduction in the Hannah Graham case, she says that he used to live on Ponderosa Trail which is about five miles up the road from where the body was found. Caroline Burns says that she began to wonder if Matthew was involved in this death investigation. “When I heard about the taxi cab and the Harrington girl and where they found her and the fact that he lived in all these areas, you start to wonder,” says Burns. “So it's a shame that we didn't put it together.” Morgan Harrington’s remains were discovered at Anchorage Farm back in 2010, five miles away from where a body was found on Saturday. Investigators are still waiting on the medical examiner to give them the identity of the body found over the weekend.

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