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Martha Jefferson Healthwise: Hand Injuries
Olivia Kim

Aug. 20, 2014 Injuring your hands can limit you, interfering with your daily tasks. Dr. Steve Hoover, a new orthopedic surgeon in town, says he treats a lot of soft tissue injuries. The most common way people get these is by cutting themselves with something sharp like a knife or broken glass. This causes cuts not only to the skin but tendons, nerves and blood vessels can be damaged as well. Local doctors also see a lot of hand injuries from car accidents, falls, and high energy outdoor activities. Dr. Hoover says, "fractures tend to happen in two most common populations. One is young active people who are out doing things that might result in a fracture like mountain biking, skateboarding, you know things where you're gonna fall down with a high rate of speed." Senior citizens are also at risk for hand fractures as their bones begin to weaken with age. Sometimes all it takes is a simple fall. If you've injured your hand and the pain and stiffness doesn't go away within one or two days, Dr. Hoover recommends you see your doctor.

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