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Ferguson Forum Begins Local Conversation

August 27, 2014 People came together Wednesday evening to discuss if what happened in Ferguson happen in Charlottesville. Community leaders, police, and residents met at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Charlottesville. Residents and police spoke, and people had the chance to ask police questions. After the meeting, attendee Michelle Ba'th Bates moved forward with questions. "Our police department is doing what they've been charged to do, police the community, and they are clearly prepared to handle any type of situation that steps outside of the bounds of the law. So the question becomes, what will the community stakeholders do to prevent such a situation from occurring?" said Bates. Charlottesville Sheriff James Brown spoke at the meeting along with Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo and Albemarle County Police Deputy Chief Ron Lantz. Sheriff Brown said speaking is the first step to making sure what took place in Ferguson, Missouri does not happen in Charlottesville. "When we have open communication and we can discuss things it makes it better, so that we can try to work at something before it happens. I don't think many communities are going to be doing anything like this. It's going to be more of a reactive incident," said Brown. If you would like to join the conversation, there will be a follow-up meeting in one week, Wednesday, September 3, at 6:30 p.m. at the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

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