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Local Woman Spends Labor Day in Labor
Val Thompson

September 1, 2014 Labor Day was not so relaxing for some people in Charlottesville, including a woman who gave birth to a nine-pound baby at Martha Jefferson hospital. Joy Barberio gave birth to her third son, Gabriel Monday afternoon, without any pain medication. "Everything was really intense, but it was fast," Barberio said. "(Monday) morning getting up, I was uncomfortable and feeling like something might me moving." Little Gabriel was finally moving. He had skipped his due date of August 27 and now he chose Labor Day to send his mom into labor. "We thought it'd be silly that that would happen," Barberio said, "because we were sure he'd be an August baby. And so, ironically, Labor Day labor day kind of happened that way." Gabriel's two older brothers, who are thrilled to have a new baby, may have a had a role in this whole thing, too. "They've been waiting and asking and telling me to be active," said Barberio. "(Saying) 'C'mon, Mom! Let's pray and have him come out now!' They've been really impatient about it." Joy and Gabriel weren't the only ones working on Labor Day, either. Charlottesville firefighter Jess Rodzinka was in the middle of spending 24 consecutive hours at the new fire station on Fontaine Avenue. Monday was not too hectic for him and the other five firefighters at the station. "A couple food on the stove calls, alarm activations," Rodzinka said. "You know, a typical Monday." Rodzinka says he will get another chance, some other time, to enjoy a holiday with his family. "It's a lifestyle you get accustomed to," he said. "You learn to celebrate holidays and other things on your time off."

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