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Louisa County Highlights National PrepareAthon! Day

September 30, 2014 After the 2011 earthquake Louisa County residents know that potential disasters can strike at any time, which is why Louisa County Public Schools and the County of Louisa will spend Tuesday encouraging the local community to take action. School and county officials have teamed up with FEMA to provide a whole day filled with emergency readiness activities. Activities meant to prepare the local community for a long list of hazards including hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. Students at Thomas Jefferson Elementary will take part in an earthquake drill in their new school building after their old one was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake. "We don't want disasters to come but something's going to happen. You can have a bad storm or wind or anything that takes away electricity even for a while and so to be prepared for that just makes all of us safer," said Louisa County Superintendent Deborah Pettit. Six schools will take part in a preparedness drill of some kind, even county employees are taking part. They will have their own evacuation drill at some point in the day. The county hopes National PrepareAthon! Day will encourage the entire community to not only plan for another disaster but to know what actions to take should something happen. "We do have a fault here and so an earthquake could happen again and the facilities themselves are safer than they were before but also we need to know how to act if the earth shakes," said Pettit. For more information on National PrepareAthon! Day click the link on the side of the page.

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