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Local Business Buoyed by Black Friday Sales
Tomás Harmon

November 28, 2014 Millions of Americans gobble up their turkey on Thanksgiving and then head out on Black Friday for block-buster sales at major retailers like Target and Staples but it's not just major chain stores that are reaping the benefits. "Business has been great so far. We opened a little early, we weren't sure here at Stonefield what the foot traffic was doing to be like,” said Suz Somersall, a local business owner. “But we’ve already had a lot of sales and people are definitely excited to get started on their holiday shopping.” Somersall owns a jewelry store located at the Shops at Stonefield outdoor mall. Her local shop opened just three weeks ago. But she says business is already taking off thanks to the shopping atmosphere of Black Friday. "Compared to a normal day, definitely busier earlier. We opened at 9:30, and people were coming into the door right away” And Somersall isn't the only business at Stonefield happy with the number of Black Friday shoppers. “Going fantastic, had a busy solid start to the day and lots of folks are still wandering around the store. It's been a really solid turn out for Black Friday,” said Aaron Hammer, store manager at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports. He says local businesses use special promotions and sales as ways to entice potential buyers. “You know we're not big box stores, we're not offering discounts on big screen TV's, so it’s not as big of an event for us as it is for some of the other retailers but definitely put some products on sale to try and entice folks to come in and shop.” Employees at some local stores like Mincer's say their shoppers aren't motivated by the thrill of the deal. “We've got a lot of people who are going to Blacksburg coming from Richmond, Tidewater, Williamsburg passing through stopping here to get some cold weather gear for the game,” said Chris Hendricks, General Manager of Mincer’s. Either way, local stores say business is booming on Black Friday.

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