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Need to Know - Tuesday September 16, 2014
Tomas Harmon

September 16, 2014 SEARCH FOR HANNAH GRAHAM EXPANDS: Charlottesville Police have new surveillance video of U.Va. Second-Year Hannah Graham the night she went missing on East Grady Avenue outside of McGray's Iirish Pub. A new tip line has been created where people can give information. That number is (434) 295-3851. VIRGINIA SCHOOL ACCREDITATION: The percentage of schools meeting state standards declined for a second consecutive year in Virginia. In Albemarle County, Woodbrook Elementary was designated as a "focus school,” meaning it needs to improve its standards and decrease classroom achievement gaps. CELL PHONE INVESTIGATION: Nelson County Commonwealth Attorney Anthony Martin will investigate cell phone usage by former members of the board of elections. The investigation stems from allegations that the Charlottesville Registrar’s Office was paying for the phones of board members. MARK HERRING LAWSUIT: Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced a record $1.15 billion lawsuit against thirteen banks for misleading the Virginia Retirement System during the sale of residential mortgage-backed securities, some of which were high-risk. HIGH BACTERIA LEVELS: StreamWatch and the Rivanna Conservation Society have noticed high bacteria levels in Lodge Creek. The city decided to investigate the findings, and found a line upstream where a sewage leak was contaminating the water.

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