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Popular Clock in Downtown Charlottesville Stolen Overnight
Loren Thomas

July 22, 2014 If you've driven down Water Street in Charlottesville, chances are you have passed by the clock that sits outside of the Clock Shop of Virginia at least once. It has hung outside of the shop for the past 35 years, but on Monday night it was stolen. “Overnight apparently somebody sawed off the large clock and sign that hangs outside of our shop,” says Donna Bonsignore, manager of the Clock Shop of Virginia. Bonsignore says someone climbed on top of a trash can outside of the shop to saw it off. “It's quite heavy and quite a cumbersome job that they did, but it's gone,” says Bonsignore. It is described as a large electric gallery clock, with a white dial and black hands. It was purchased for about $1,000 back in 1980, but today it's valued at about $2,000. “It's enjoyed by tourist and used by just about every restaurant worker downtown to see if they are late for work,” says Bonsignore. “I myself rely on that clock several times just for the bus routes and it's going to be surly missed,” says Jerome Harris of Charlottesville. “Whoever would take out the time to do something like that, I wish they take the time to think about it and return it.” The owner of the Engraving Shop on 2nd street says she also looks at the clock every morning before going into her store. “It keeps me in check to make sure I'm running on time, so that I am open at 10 o'clock for my customers,” says Elaine Townsend. “I'm certainly going to miss it and I hope it's recovered.” The store manager says the clock is no longer being made and they are looking online for one like it, but she wants the original back home. Police are using surveillance video from nearby businesses to find out who stole the clock.

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