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UVa Board of Visitors Holds Emergency Meeting
Jaclyn Piermarini

November 25, 2014 As the board met for the first time face to face since UVa was accused of failing sexual assault victims, there was one consistent message mentioned across the table: that something has to be done, it has to be done together, and it can’t wait. President Sullivan said it was one of the most important things they will ever do. The board unanimously agreed on a zero tolerance policy, and is in the final stages now of drafting a policy statement. They have also hired a new law firm to advise them. Chief Longo says a piece of the puzzle for moving on is to make sure the alleged attackers in the Rolling Stone article are held accountable. The board agreed it was a large issue, and discussed sweeping reform that would include advising, policing, and limitations on alcohol at fraternity parties as ways to deal with the issue. The board will begin to go over recommendations from the students, community, law firm, and health professionals.

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