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Need to Know - Monday September 15, 2014
Tomas Harmon

September 15, 2014 MISSING UVA STUDENT: Charlottesville and State Police are searching for U.Va. Second-Year 18-year-old Hannah Elizabeth Graham. She was last seen around Camden Plaza off 14th Street around 11:50 PM Friday night heading towards Wertland Street behind the U.Va. Corner. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (434) 977-4000. PATIENT TESTED FOR EBOLA: A patient who recently traveled to Africa has been admitted to the U.Va. Medical Center with symptoms consistent with many illnesses. But, preliminary test were negative for Ebola. Doctors will continue to monitor the patient and conduct additional tests. STATE BUDGET CUTS: Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Virginia state budget cuts on Capitol Hill totaling close to $342 million. State agencies, higher education and aide to local governments are all impacted. K-12 spending is not included in the cuts and there is no increase in fees or taxes. CHILD DISCIPLINE: The issue of child discipline has been brought to light following the Adrien Peterson controversy over the weekend. In Virginia, spanking your own child is legal. But local mental health experts suggest using alternatives to discipline children. GREATER THAN AIDS: 25 people from across the country were selected to become "Greater than AIDs" ambassadors, including Jason Elliot from Central Virginia. He will release a video later in September about his own experience with HIV.

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