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3rd Annual Spin-A-Thon Raises Money for Bikes for Children
Stephon Dingle

October 18, 2014 We have two months to go before Christmas, but a few cyclists are getting a head start on an annual fundraiser. Cyclist from the Charlottesville Racing Club are hoping to raise a few bucks for the annual toy lift by holding a spin-a-thon. They set up shop along the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville this morning urging people to donate so that every child that wants a bike gets one this holiday season. "A couple of years ago the toy lift came up short on bikes and as a bunch of nutty cyclist, we decided that every kid needs a bike regardless of economic background," said cyclist Alan Bewley. "So we decided to put on a spin a thon to raise money for the toy lift and help bridge the gap." Last year they raised three thousand dollars to go towards bikes for the toy lift.

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