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Vigil Held In Honor Of Missing Teen
Jaclyn Piermarini

November 20,2014 It was two years ago that Dashad “Sage” Smith was last seen walking down West Main Street. On the anniversary, friends and family held a vigil in honor of Sage. Dozens of people lit candles and wore orange ribbons as they shared stories and memories. Smith was last seen headed to meet a friend on in 2012…and was never seen or heard from again. Smith’s family shared their frustration with the community and law enforcement at the vigil. They feel that Dashad's case should have been given the same attention as Hannah Graham. Event attendee Wes Bellamy says everyone deserves equal treatment. “Every person that's missing, every person that's going through something, lets continue to fight for them. If we don't, then we'll be cowards. So let's speak up for Sage. Let's speak up for everybody.” Charlottesville Police still want to talk to a man named Erik McFadden who left Charlottesville shortly after Smith was reported missing. McFadden agreed to speak with investigators, but never showed up. If you have any information about the case call Crimestoppers at 434-977-4000. The reward for information about Smith's disappearance is up to $20,000.

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