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Firefly Bar Owner Has Dream Come True as He's Losing His Battle with Cancer
Stephon Dingle

November 23, 2014 "I'm just happy to have lived to seen this night," said new bar owner Mark Weber. He's living the dream as he opened his new bar named Firefly this weekend. "I've always loved bars that had games and good beers so this was something I really thought needed to be in Charlottesville also and I'm happy to provide it," Weber said. An old restaurant that used to be at the corner of Market Street and Meade Avenue closed in May, the same time Weber received life changing news. "It involved me going to the emergency room, and them telling me I had germ cell cancer that's in my lungs and now my brain," Weber said. After he was diagnosed, it looked like there was a chance he could survive it, but once it viciously started spreading to his brain, doctors gave him a couple of weeks to eight months to live. "Everything shifted that's when you really start thinking what do I really want in my life, what am I really passionate about," said Melissa Meece, Weber's significant other. It inspired Mark to proceed with opening the Firefly bar, one named for the fight and determination that he's shown in his battle with cancer. "It just means everyday when I wake up I have that one reason to look forward to the rest of the day," said Weber. "It's hard to start thinking about a future where maybe he's not in it, but I'm still holding on to a lot of hope," said Meece. When ever Mark's unfortunate fight comes to an end, he plans to pass the business on to Melissa, his significant other. "He's like oh well I'll be gone, you know it's not my place, and I'm like no this is still Mark's place, this is still his dream his vision," said Meece. One could only imagine what it's like to be his parents, but they are nothing but proud of his courage and stoicism he's shown while not knowing when they day nor the hour will be his last. "I know I never could have handled it the way he has handled it, that's the part that moves me to see, I'm not the man that he is," said Charles Weber, Mark's father.

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