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Vigil Held On Downtown Mall for Gaza Victims
Jaclyn Piermarini

July 18, 2014 Here at home, local protesters took their frustration over the situation in Gaza to the downtown mall. A vigil was held in honor of the victims of the violence. The group held signs and voiced their outrage over the actions against innocent people. The protesters also shared stories about the suffering of the region. Members of the group are praying for friends and family impacted by the violence and ultimately hope for a peaceful resolution. President of UVa’s Students for Peace in Palestine Yahiya Saad said he is against any violence again innocent people. "I condemn all innocent deaths on either side. Whether he be Israeli, Palestinian, Saudi, Burmese, American, British. I don't care. I don't want someone innocent to die." Attendees of the vigil were asked to bring to bring balloons and kites to honor the children impacted by the conflict.

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