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Fluvanna Co. Students Getting Hands-on Experience with New Class
Madeline Curott

Sept. 18, 2014 PALMYRA, Va.—Some students at Fluvanna County High School (FCHS) are enjoying a brand new cosmetology and barbering course being offered this year. When you walk into the classroom, it really is like walking into a salon. Thirty-eight students are participating in the inaugural cosmetology and barbering course at FCHS. "These students are going to be knowledgeable in this field when they leave here and then prepared to take jobs, so I'm very excited about the program beginning here," said instructor Katy Wilkerson. It is a two-year course and in the first year, students learn the basics like shampooing, blow drying and how to properly drape a client. The second year will get into chemical services and a lot of theory like the bone structure and skin tone of a client. Wilkerson said people may not realize just how much goes into taking this class. "Everybody knows about the hands on, the practical, shampooing, blow drying, curling, coloring, but they don't realize how much book work goes into it and how much these students are actually receiving classroom instruction on so many detailed things like safety and infection control and the thought that goes into the protection of the client," she said. The class is designed for juniors and seniors, in the hopes that the seniors will qualify to take the state board exam at the end of year two and become licensed cosmetologists or barbers. Before that though, Wilkerson plans to expose her students to as much of the industry as possible. On Tuesday, teams of three competed for a spot in the Skills USA Total Fashion Look contest that will take place next week at the Virginia State Fair. Salon Deshano stylists were on hand to help judge. "Judging from where they are today and where they could be in two years when they finish, there's a lot of potential," said stylist Lauren Ball. Wilkerson hopes that potential will be realized by her students no matter what job they decide to go for. "She gives us life tips, plus knowing how to do the hair and make-up and everything, so by the time I'm done with this class, I'll be really prepared," said junior Autumn Shepherd. FCHS actually pays for the students who qualify to take the state board exam to get licensed.

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