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Local Farmers Collaborate at Three Notch’d Brewery
News Staff

August 25, 2014 Hops farmers around Central Virginia will soon have their crops featured in a new beer at Three Notch’d Brewing Co. On Monday morning 10 farmers met with the brew master at Three Notch'd to discuss the types of hops they grow. They also mixed 200 lbs of hops together to create a new beer called 10 Farmer’s Pale Ale. The president of Three Notch'd says the growth of the beer business has prompted a boost in hop growing. "The labor behind it is tough,” says Scott Roth. “I was out picking yesterday at Charlottesville Hops LLC and it just takes a lot of time and effort and they don't get a big return on it, so they are really doing it out of the love of beer. We just want to make sure we capture that with great ale." "The hops that grow the best here in Virginia are Cascade hops and that's going to be about 80 percent of the hops that are going to be in the brew today," says Dave Warwick, brew master at Three Notch’d Brewing Co. Ten Farmer's Pale Ale will be the first beer bottled at Three Notch'd and they plan on brewing it every year around harvest time.

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