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Albemarle Supervisors Ask VDOT to Make 29 Construction Open to Users

August 26, 2014 Albemarle county supervisors are asking VDOT to think of people who use Route 29 during the big construction at Rio Road. On Tuesday afternoon, supervisors approved a resolution asking VDOT to try to make the design and construction process open to people who will be using it. They also want VDOT to consider adding more pedestrian and bicycle access along the Route 29 corridor. "It's not gonna be a real solution to the traffic problems that we have in this community. I though the bypass was a better approach. I still believe that," said supervisor Ken Boyd after the meaning. Boyd said it was a meaningless, "cheerleading" resolution. "The majority of this board thinks that this is the solution to our problems. They've even called it the '29 solutions package.' I don't believe that. I don't think it is a solution to our problem. I think we've swapped out bypassing thirteen lights for two lights," said Boyd afterwards. "Our community, after public hearings and involvement has asked our board to support this and we do -- with the majority of 5-1," said supervisor Ann Mallek. "The projects have been studied for decades. We know the work is going to result in improvements in our traffic." Boyd was the only one to oppose the resolution in that five-to-one vote.

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