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Gillespie, Sen. Warner Set to Debate

July 22, 2014 Two of the candidates for Senate will meet in their first scheduled debate this weekend, and it is expected that Republican Ed Gillespie will try to tie Senator Mark Warner (D) as closely as he can to President Obama. Republicans have noted recently that Sen. Warner has not had any campaign events with the president. They say the senator is trying to distance himself from Obama's low approval ratings. Democrats on the other hand, have brought up Republican Candidate Ed Gillespie's work as a lobbyist for Enron. The University of Virginia Center for Politics currently favors Warner to win re-election, though things can change between now and Election Day. “Warner is the favorite, but Gillespie is a serious candidate with the ability to make this a very close race and could win if circumstances end up harming Warner,” says Geoffrey Skelley with the Center for Politics. “If it ends up the national environment gets worse for Democrats, Gillespie could be in a position to win.” Warner and Gillespie meet at the Virginia Bar Association Debate this Saturday, July 26. The debate is not televised. Libertarian candidate Rob Sarvis was not invited to participate in the debate.

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