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Motorcycle Riders to Take to the Streets for a Good Cause
Brit Moorer

September 18, 2014 One year ago, Megan Crickenberger and her husband received some unexpected news about their son Leland. "His strength is remarkable," said Crickenberger. After being born with a tethered cord that was repaired soon after, it was unclear what damage it had really caused until Leland was much older. "We went in, we had been having normal routine follow-up's for several years," said Crickenberger. "Everything had been perfectly normal. It was our last routine visit when his kidneys and bladder were for the worst." Leland was diagnosed with Neurogenic Bladder Syndrome, making life as an energetic, curious 6-year-old very challenging. "Some days he's tired, he can't get out of the bed. Other days, he can participate, school's been a challenge, he's not able to go every day to school, some days he goes but it limits how much energy he has," said Crickenberger. In order to maintain Leland's health, the family has to travel back and forth to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for treatments, one of seven hospitals worldwide that offers procedures for Leland's condition, a very expensive feat. Which is why, the 3rd Annual Evan Adams Memorial Benefit Ride is dedicated to the Crickenberger family. Dozens of bikers from across the area will set out on a ride Saturday morning through Louisa County as a way to raise money for Leland's treatments. "We're glad that they reached out to us and we look forward to next year to welcome the new 4th year coming in," said Crickenberger. The 3rd Annual Evan Adams Memorial Benefit Ride is this Saturday at Court Café and Pub in Louisa. Evan Adams was just 9-years-old when he got sick, the Blue Knight Motorcycle Club held a benefit at the same pub in 2011 to raise money for his medical expenses which included travelling out of state for treatment. Evan lost his battle with his illness in 2012, his family and friends want to make sure that his memory lives on and helps other sick children.

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