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Students' Art on Display at the Ix

July 29, 2014 A large group of Albemarle County students had a chance to show off their artwork Tuesday, and some of it will be in place permanently. A hundred at-risk kids attended a four-week summer school session at Woodbrook Elementary School. Today they had a chance to show the Charlottesville community the fruits of their labor at the Ix Art Park and Gallery, showing the public their art and products that they made. School officials say is important to inspire learning. "What it does for a child is that it shows them that in all learning there is relevance and meaning,” Woodbrook Elementary School Principal Lisa Molinaro said. “ And I think that's the most important thing that schools have to do for children, whether it be through the arts or whether it be through core curriculum like math and science" The students took a field trip at the Ix Art Park before they started their summer school program to get inspiration. Some of their art will stay at the art park as part of its permanent collection.

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