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Help Save The Next Girl Paints Charlottesville Orange
Colleen Quigley

October 15, 2014 Help Save The Next Girl wants to paint Charlottesville orange in an effort to find Hannah Graham, and prevent another woman from going missing. Members of the group spent Wednesday night curling, clipping, and creating 200 ribbons to pass out to businesses on the Downtown Mall, which was the last place Graham was seen before she vanished on September 13. Help Save The Next Girl is also asking homeowners to put orange ribbons on their front doors or on their property. Kim Simmons, who says she has spent the past month helping in the search for Graham, hopes the ribbons will serve as a reminder that Graham still needs to be found. "There's so many places in Charlottesville that are wooded, kinda marshy, dense, and someone might just see a ribbon and be like 'oh yeah we are looking for Hannah,'" said Simmons. Over the past month police have done an exhaustive search of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo has continued to ask anyone with information on where Graham may be, or who may have seen her suspected abductor, Jesse Matthew Jr. in the days after she vanished, to come forward. Members of Help Save The Next Girl are hoping the ribbons will bring in a new flow of tips. "People just don't disappear off the face of the earth. Somebody knows something and they need say what they know," said Diana Salmon, who helped make the ribbons. The ribbons will not only serve as a reminder that Graham is missing, but to remind others, especially young women, to stay safe at night. Salmon has been involved with Help Save The Next Girl since Morgan Harrington disappeared in Charlottesville in 2009. She says it's Morgan's legacy to protect others. "When we were young and that age we thought we were invincible, that nothing is going to happen to me, but you really have to realize that there are some very strange and evil people out there. You have to learn to protect yourself," said Salmon Both Salmon and Simmons have been apart of Help Save The Next Girl's efforts to find missing women for the past five years. Salmon says when she heard another woman went missing in Charlottesville she was heartbroken. "All I could do was just shake my head and cry because Alexis Murphy disappeared last year, she has not been found, Samantha Clark had gone missing," Salmon said. "We don't want these cases to become cold cases we want them all to be solved all to be found."

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