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Charlottesville To Evaluate Pesticide Use
Jaclyn Piermarini

July 22, 2014 Manicured green spaces are the result of hard work on the part of the Parks and Recreation employees for the City of Charlottesville. But one of the tools in their arsenal is pesticide, and there are a growing number of people that are hoping to change that. A petition, which has more than 700 signatures at this point, asks Charlottesville City Council to end the use of lawn and garden pesticides on all parks, school yards, athletic fields and other city-owned properties. John Cruickshank of the Virginia Piedmont Sierra Club is hoping that they can create a situation where pesticides are used extremely sparingly. "Basically they should not use synthetic, chemical pesticides unless there is an overwhelming safety or health risk to the public. But what they are doing now is putting our children our whole population at risk by using chemicals." Parks and Recreation currently uses what they call an integrated pest management approach, which they say is a best practice used across the country endorsed by the EPA. At the request of council members, the city manager is requesting a report from Parks and Recreation about their practices. Then city council will decide how to proceed.

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