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Investigators Still Waiting to Identify Human Remains Found Saturday
News Staff

October 21, 2014 Old Lynchburg Rd. is still blocked off near the abandoned property where human remains were discovered. According to neighbors the road will remain blocked off until Wednesday near the property at 3193 Old Lynchburg Rd. The remains were discovered by deputies with the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Department on Saturday, but according to a man that lives along Old Lynchburg, he tipped off police about searching that area. Bobby Pugh, of Albemarle County, explained during a phone interview that he noticed buzzards flying around when he passed by the abandoned property a couple weeks ago and he called it in asking police to search. Police are now still recovering evidence from that property. While Albemarle County Police are expecting the identity of the body soon, they stated that they will not hold a press conference. Instead, they will send out a release via email and on social media.

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