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Officer Who Discovered Remains Speaks Out as Search For Evidence Continues
Stephon Dingle

October 19, 2014 The past couple of days have been a whirlwind for law enforcement and those involved with the Hannah Graham investigation. A search team from the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office made what officials described as a significant discovery. Police are treating the discovered remains as a death investigation. Search teams combed through the grassy and wooded areas along Old Lynchburg road hoping to obtain any type of evidence they could find. They still aren't letting anybody into the area where the remains were found unless you were a local resident. "We stayed positive we stayed upbeat, we knew we were here for a mission and that mission was to bring closure and we're hoping that is what we have done," said Sgt. Dale Terry. On Saturday, the search and investigation of missing UVa student Hannah Graham may have its best tip and lead yet. Terry led a team of 5 from the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office through Walnut Creek Park when he decided to check properties nearby. "I don't know how else to explain it - something inside me just told me continue to look," Terry said. When they looked behind an abandoned home on Old Lynchburg Road, they made a gruesome discovery of human remains. "I do believe God wanted us to find what we found," said Terry. As this investigation continues and awaits confirmation, Sgt. Dale Terry said he just hopes his team's efforts bring closure and justice for the Graham family.

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