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Teachers Feeling Stress
James Gilbert

Grade school teachers are now feeling more stress than ever before. The classroom environment can be difficult to control, and that can lead to stress which can affect their abilities. Teachers may not recognize their own stress levels increasing within the classroom setting. It can be difficult to step away from a classroom with young kids demanding your attention throughout the day. "It's really unrealistic to think that anybody can control 25 or 30 kids at any given time. So that mindset actually adds to the stress already that you already have and then when you layer on top of that all the demands of the testing. That amplifies it even more," comments Patricia Jennings, Associate Professor in Education at UVa. There are now programs to help teachers understand and control their stress levels to prevent any interference with teaching. More information on Professor Patricia Jennings and her studies here: http://curry.virginia.edu/about/directory/patricia-a.-jennings

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