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Families of the Missing Search Charlottesville Park for Clues
Loren Thomas

November 22, 2014 Both Bonnie Santiago and Janet Renee Field went missing in July of this year. Since then their families have been determined to find any clue that can lead them back home. 49-year-old Janet Renee Field was last seen at her home in Palmyra on July 2nd. Bonnie Santiago, age 56, was last seen on July 12th at a home on Carter Mountain. On Saturday, their families continue the search for them along with several others, who have gone missing in the area, including Samantha Clark, Alexis Murphy and Dashad "Sage" Smith. “We've got to keep their names out there,” says Lois Roberts, former daughter-in-law of Santiago. “We cannot let the community forget these people.” “They are all somebody's mother, somebody's grandson, somebody's daughter, we've got to keep it out there and I will travel to the end of this earth to keep their names out there.” The father of Field says he appreciates the support from the community, but says he also wants his daughter’s face and name in the news until she is found. “The news media in my area has not covered this as they should have, so the support hasn't been that great,” says Ivan Branch. Both families searched the woods at Riverview Park in Charlottesville, five miles away from where Santiago went missing. “Her being gone has been really hard on our family so we just want her home,” says Gabrielle Adams, daughter of Santiago. “I have been working on missing person's cases for eight years,” says Nancy Schaefer, from Missing in America. Schaefer conducted the search and says she is not surprised by the amount of people missing in the area. “I've seen a lot, it happens, but it's all about resolve,” says Schaefer. A member of the V K-9 Search unit also came out to help in the search urging hunters to also be on the lookout. “Everybody who is going out and roaming in the woods really needs to kind of keep their eye open and you never know what you are going to find,” says Sarah Platts. “Anything that seems odd or unusual you should be contacting your local law enforcement agency.” For the families of the missing the search is not over until they bring their loved ones home. The families will continue the search on Sunday morning at 9 AM and ask that people who are interested in helping meet at the Riverview Park.

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