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Pop-Up Shop Provides Homemade Gift Ideas for the Holidays
News Staff

November 22, 2014 Henley's Auction House in the IX Building wants to highlight local artists this holiday season by selling their work and urging people to buy local. The shop features a variety of handmade products, fine art, crafts, music, jewelry, and furniture made by local artisans. The Pop-Up Shop runs from November 22nd until December 23rd. The shop owner hopes that people decide to give a homemade gift for the holidays. β€œIt completely changes things when you are giving somebody something that was made by that person or someone else and all of those hours that went into it, it's so much different than giving something that you just bought at Walmart,” says Cassie Clawson. β€œI think that is something to support, homemade, handmade Christmas gifts, it just really has a good spirit to it.” A portion of the proceeds raised will go to help fund the IX Art Park.

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