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Many Still Working Through Thanksgiving
James Gilbert

November 21st, 2014: Black Friday shopping has pushed its way into Thanksgiving. Many employees are now heading to work on the holiday, but they aren't alone. It is nice to know that the field of public safety will be hard at work not only on the day of Thanksgiving, but the week approaching as well. Some retailers are holding out strong, and will stay closed on Thanksgiving, but that's not the case for many others. You can bet that most of Martha Jefferson Hospital will be up and running through the holiday, while catering to the patients, doctors, and nurses. "We try to give as many staff the opportunity to be home with their families and celebrate as possible, while maintaining our patient care, and we're really thankful to the staff members that do come in and help take care of the patients on thanksgiving," said Catherine Boucher, Administrative Director at Martha Jefferson Hospital. If you do plan to shop on Thanksgiving, you'll have to wait until Friday to get to The Virginia Shop, where owner Tiffany Smith has no plans of opening. "Absolutely not! No, that's outrageous," said Smith. She wants her employees to get some rest before the shopping season. "I don't think it's very fair. People should be home with their families, and I mean there's a time to shop after thanksgiving, that's what the weekend is for." Besides a few managers coming in to get the shop ready for Black Friday, most stores at the Barracks Road Shopping Center are going to be closed for Thanksgiving. At the Charlottesville Fire Department, Thanksgiving will be business as usual. "We're going to be vigilant at all times and the guys and gals working at CFD are going to be prepared for any type of emergencies whether it's Thanksgiving or not," said Chief Battalion Richard Jones, the Public Information Officer at the Charlottesville Police Department. Albemarle County Police are already gearing up for the travel week approaching Thanksgiving, and will have officers out on the big day. "We have to have a core group of uniformed officers that's available to respond to 911 calls," said Captain Peter Mainzer of the Albemarle County Police. Their willingness to forgo the holiday can hopefully give us some peace of mind. "Folks that get into public safety know that this is part of the job, and that there's gonna have to be some sacrifices that are made in order to provide that service to the public." Virginia ABC stores will be closed on Thanksgiving.

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