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Crozet Spirit Walk Teaches Visitors About Historical Past
Stephon Dingle

October 17, 2014 It's that time of year again with Halloween right around the corner, kids are getting excited to dress up in their favorite costumes and go trick or treating. But for now, it was time to break out the historical legend stories of old Crozet. There weren't many tricks or treats, but there were costumes and a little bit of history. "We have also staged this spirit walk which is a series of historical acts that we play out on the streets of Crozet, between Crozet and Field school all in one evening," said Todd Barnett, head of the Field School. A team of 55 people set up various acts on the spirit walk tour that taught many about the beloved history of the little town in Western Albemarle named after Claudius Crozet. "There is also a couple of Civil War acts because even though the Civil War didn't play a big role here in Crozet, it did on the rail road line that runs right through town," said Barnett. Actors big, small, amateur and professional each performed a unique part of the town's history including a skit by Shakespeare. "Okay it was awesome, Shakespeare was funny, the ghost was hilarious," laughed student Madelyn Packer. "The Irish woman's story, she had an accent and she was really animated," said Teri Kent, a parent. Well with exactly two weeks to go until it's time for Halloween, children and adults walked away with a little more knowledge about where they live. "It was a piece of history that I didn't know about, so it made it real, it made history come to life," said Kent. The Spirit Walk and Fall Festival will take place again on Saturday from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm at Field School.

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