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Family Holds Out Hope For Missing Bonnie Santiago
Stephon Dingle

It was a Saturday around 1 a.m. on July 12th when Bonnie Santiago was last seen at a Carter Mountain home. Two days went by before family and friends got worried and declared the mother of seven missing. Eventually two search parties took place, but nothing of interest was found and there was still no Bonnie. Described as a fun-loving person who comes from a large family, some say it was very unlike her to just run away. On Saturday, just about 50 days since she was last seen, the family along with supporters held up signs at the intersection of route 20 and 53. They encouraged drivers passing by to beep their horn for Bonnie. The family was joined by CUE 'Center for Missing Persons' and 'Help Save the Next Girl', who was their in support. "We have been helping with social media and helping to get the information out there, we arrange this event a couple of weeks ago," said Amanda Sinclair. All done to get the word out about Bonnie. "Its been rough, I want her home," said Louise Roberts, Bonnie's daughter-in-law. "I really don't know if she's out there but I'm hopeful that somebody can find her and bring her home," said Gabriel Adams, Bonnie's daughter. As time has passed by, several family events and memories make it more surreal that Bonnie's not there. "It's the cookouts and she's not there, its the birthday parties, being able to pick up the phone and call her and she's not answering," said Louise Roberts. Roberts says depending on the day, coping can be a tough process and that some mornings she just wants to shut everybody out. "Other mornings I wake up and just want to go to Charlottesville and tear the orchard up," Roberts said. "I think she's still alive, I think somebody is holding her against her will and God help them if we find them." The family has been in contact with investigators who say things are on-going. They hope to have another search party and at the two month mark of Bonnie's disappearance, have a balloon release on the top of Afton Mountain. However, they do remain hopeful that Bonnie will be found safe by then.

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