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Local League of Women Voters Hold Forum on New Voter ID
Loren Thomas

Sept. 2, 2014 With new voter identification laws in effect, one local group is trying to make sure everyone is informed before the November election. On Tuesday, the League of Women Voters (LWV) of the Charlottesville Area held a forum with registrars from Albemarle and Fluvanna counties, as well as the City of Charlottesville. They are concerned that the new law could negatively impact the poor and elderly populations. Additionally, the organization doesn’t believe there is a real threat of voter ID fraud in Virginia, which is the reason the laws were changed. “There are virtually no cases where this has happened, so this is sort of an unnecessary requirement,” said Dena Milay with LWV “The league is very concerned that people who are eligible to vote could be denied,” said Gerry Kruger, Community Engagement for LWV. “We want to alert people that there is this new requirement, don't go to the polls not having thought about this,” LWV President Kerin Yates said. The new voter ID is available for free at the Registrar’s Office, and voter registration begins September 23rd.

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