McDonnell Corruption Trial Summary


Former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were charged Tuesday, Jan. 21, with accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from Jonnie Williams, the former CEO of a dietary supplements maker, in exchange for promoting his company's products. They could face decades in prison if convicted.


Spencer, James R.


Asbill, Henry: Defense attorney for Bob McDonnell

Brownlee, John: Defense attorney for Bob McDonnell

Burck, William A.: Defense attorney for Maureen McDonnell

Martin, Heather: Defense attorney for Maureen McDonnell

McDonnell, Bob: Former governor of Virginia.

McDonnell, Maureen: Former first lady of Virginia.


- Eastern District U.S. Attorney's Office

Williams' Gifts to the McDonnell Family

-$70,000 in loans to real estate company owned by Bob McDonnell and his sister.
-$50,000 loan
-Nearly $20,000 for shopping spree in New York City for Maureen McDonnell.
-$15,000 to pay for catering at Cailin McDonnell's wedding.
-$10,000 engagement check for Jeanine McDonnell and her fiancé'.
-Over $7,000 for trip to Cape Cod resort for Bob, Maureen, Williams and three other guests.
-At least $6,000 for engraved Rolex watch for Bob McDonnell at Maureen's request.
-$2,380 for golf, food and merchandise at Kinloch Golf Course for Bob, Sean and Bobby McDonnell.
-At least $2,200 for McDonnell family trip to Williams' lake house. Includes boat rental and use of Williams' Ferrari.
-Nearly $1,500 for dinner at La Grotta for Bob, Maureen and two other guests.
-$1,424 for golf, food and merchandise at Kinloch Golf Course for Bob, Sean and Bobby McDonnell
-$1,309 for golf, food and merchandise at Kinloch Golf Course for Sean and Bobby McDonnell and a friend.
-$869 for golf, food and merchandise at Kinloch Golf Course for Bob and Sean McDonnell.
-$618 for golf and food at Kinloch Golf Course for Sean McDonnell and a friend.
-(Unknown Cost) Flight to Houston for Bob and Maureen to watch VCU compete in the Final Four.
-(Unknown Cost) Flight on private jet to the Homestead resort for Sean, Bobby and Jeanine McDonnell.
-(Unknown Cost) First-class plane tickets for Jeanine.
-(Unknown Cost) Home maintenance for Bob and Maureen.
-(Unknown Cost) Florida vacation for Rachel McDonnell. Includes air fare, use of Williams' condo, access to Range Rover and yacht.
-(Unknown Cost) Plane tickets to Savannah, Ga. for Rachel and Cailin McDonnell.
-(Unknown Cost) University of Virginia golf bag, set of golf clubs and shoes for Bobby McDonnell
-(Unknown Cost) Two golf bags, given to unknown individuals
-(Unknown Cost) Set of golf clubs, given to unknown individual
-(Unknown Cost) Framed watercolor by Heather Mackenzie, given to unknown individual.
-(Unknown Cost) Two iPones, given to unknown individuals.


Fulkerson, Jerri: Personal assistant of Jonnie Williams. Testified:
-She arranged trips for the McDonnell family, including:
--A trip to the Homestead Resort, which the McDonnell's asked for Williams’ personal jet to pick up their children for, instead of having them drive the 1.5 hours.
--A family trip to Smith Mountain Lake, which included use of a yacht, a Ferrari for Bob to drive, and a Range Rover for one of their daughters to use.
--Flights for two of the McDonnell daughters to go to Savannah, Ga. for a bachelorette party.
--Labor Day weekend couples’ trip for Bob and Maureen with the Williams in Cape Cod, which included spa days for the women and golf outings for the guys.
--Flights to Florida for a McDonnell daughter, with use of the Range Rover and day passes to the Ritz Carlton Beach
--A $10,000 wedding gift to the McDonnell's oldest daughter.
-Her involvement in writing checks for two loans totaling $70,000. She said she did so at the direction of Williams.

Hagan, Charles: Investigator with the Virginia State Police. Testified:
-Questioned Maureen in 2013 about a $50,000 she had received from Williams.
-Maureen told him it was a personal loan, that she signed a promissory note and was making payments.

Haymore, Todd: Agriculture Secretary. Testified:
-Maureen often traveled the state promoting Virginia businesses.
-He often traveled the state with Maureen to promote Virginia's wine industry, sometimes promoting specific companies by name.

Huffstetler, Molly. Former health advisor. Testified:
-She met with Maureen and Williams to discuss Anatabloc.
-Bob had asked that someone from Huffstetler's office attend the meeting.
-According to her notes, Williams told her McDonnell said a state tobacco commission was going to finance a study of Anatabloc.

Hulser, David: FBI agent. Testified:
-The McDonnells owed nearly $75,000 on credit cards when McDonnell was inaugurated in January 2010.
-The debt increased to more than $90,000 by September 2010 before falling to just over $31,000 in April 2011.
-Williams spend more than $36,000 entertaining the McDonnells and three other guests at a Cape Cod resort in 2012.
-The weekend tab included more than $9,000 for food and beverages, including 16 servings of Cognac totaling $2,400.

Kelly, Janet: Former secretary of the commonwealth. Testified:
-Maureen McDonnell was "pathologically incapable of accepting any responsibility."
-Relationship between the McDonnells appeared to be strained.
-Observed Maureen and Williams acting "kind of flirty" on a plane trip in 2012.
-She was never asked to give any appointments or jobs to Williams or executives from his company.

Kent, Martin: Former chief of staff for Bob McDonnell. Testified:
-He had no idea at the time that Bob and Maureen had received gifts and loans from Williams.
-Williams and his company received no state funds, board appointments or special legislation.

Kilgore, Jerry: Former state attorney general, now a private lawyer for Jonnie Williams. Testified:
-He outlined for Star Scientific a number of steps it should take to seek funding, including meeting with the governor to ask for an appropriation.

Kosowsky, John: Forensic accountant. Testified:
-Bob and Maureen "Mo" were financially sound at the time Williams provided loans.

McDonnell, Bob: Former governor of Virginia. Testified:
-Wife Maureen was "not happy about the result” when he won the election
-Maureen developed something of a separate life from him as she raised their five children and he devoted time to his work.
-Maureen once used one of his campaign lists when he was attorney general to try and market vitamins without his knowledge.
-it was fun to drive Williams' Ferrari sports car back to Richmond from a free vacation at the businessman's Smith Mountain Lake house and he did not think it was "big deal."
-Believed it wasn't inappropriate about asking Williams for a $20k loan two months after borrowing $50k from the businessman.

McDonnell-Young, Cailin: Daughter of Bob and Maureen McDonnell. Testified:
-She rarely saw her father while he served as governor and attorney general.
-If she knew what she knows now, she would never have accepted Williams' check for $15,000 for her wedding.

McDonnell, Maureen "Mo": Sister of Bob McDonnell. Testified:
-Communication between her brother and his wife became increasingly bad after he was elected.
-She saw a lot of strain in her brother's marriage to a woman she described as "very manipulative, very unpredictable and very deceptive," and the result was a breakdown in communication.
-She and Bob were in a struggling real estate business, MoBo, which involved renting vacation homes in Virginia Beach.

Perito, Paul: Former executive of Star Scientific. Testified:
-He initially had reservations about his colleague Williams' dealings with Bob and Maureen McDonnell.

Scarbrough, Sarah: Family friend of the McDonnells and had served as mansion director. Testified:
-Bob worshiped the ground Maureen walked on during the time she worked with them.

Scott, Kathleen: Former special assistant to Maureen McDonnell. Testified:
-Maureen became increasingly volatile as she prepared for public appearances. That she was difficult and prone to angry outbursts.
-Maureen seemed infatuated with Williams and would "light up" when his name was mentioned

Sutherland, Mary Shea: Former chief of staff for Maureen McDonnell. Testified:
-She never saw any hint of a romantic relationship between Maureen and Jonnie Williams.
-The McDonnells still seemed to be in love, and described a "lovely" Valentine's Day poem Bob wrote for Maureen.

Vetrovec, George: Cardiologist works at the Virginia Commonwealth University's medical school. Testified:
-Williams was trying to interest him in conducting research on the nutritional supplements company's signature product, the tobacco-derived anti-inflammatory Anatabloc.
-Maureen, at Williams' request, introduced him to the filmmaker Steven Spielberg during an event at the Executive Mansion.

Wilson, Sara: Director of the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management. Testified:
-Bob ended a meeting in his office by touting the effectiveness of Anatabloc, an anti-inflammatory pill marketed by Williams.
- She had already met about three weeks earlier with Star Scientific Executive David Dean and rejected his request that she add Anatabloc to the list of items covered by the state employee health plan.

Williams, Jonnie: Former CEO of Star Scientific, a dietary supplement maker. Testified:
-Star Scientific received no money from the state and he did not receive any board appointments.
-His relationship with the McDonnell family was all business, not because they were friends.
-He and the governor met privately to discuss how he could help them financially. According to Williams, Bob agreed it would be best if no one knew.
-He never spoke with the governor about the nearly $20,000 in gifts he bought for Maureen during a shopping spree in NYC, and couldn't say for sure if Bob knew about them.
-Maureen had set up a meeting in her office with him and a Health and Human Service employee and a doctor from VCU. The meeting happened after the McDonnell family spent a long weekend at Williams' vacation home on Smith Mountain Lake.
-He bought a Rolex watch, worth between $6,000 and $7,000, at Maureen's request so she could give it as a gift to Bob.


Jan. 16, 2010
Bob McDonnell sworn in as 71st governor.

April 13, 2011
Maureen's NYC $20,000 shopping spree paid for by Jonnie Williams (JW). At a political event that night, Maureen has JW seated next to Bob.

May 23, 2011
JW drops off a $15,000 check to cover McDonnell daughter's wedding catering bill and a $50,000 check made out to Maureen.

May 29, 2011
Bob and the twin boys play golf at Kinloch Golf Club, running up $2,380 tab on JW's account.

June 1, 2011
Maureen travels with JW to Florida to speak at an event in support for Star Scientific newest product, Anatabloc.

July 28, 2011
McDonnell family spends long weekend at JW's mansion on Smith Mountain Lake. Bob drives Ferrari back to Richmond.

Aug. 1, 2011
JW meets with top health official at Governor’s Mansion.

Aug. 14, 2011
JW buys $6,000+ Rolex, has "71st Governor" engraved.

Aug. 30, 2011
Luncheon held at Governor’s Mansion promoting Star Scientific. Event marks official launch of newest product, Anatabloc.

Feb. 29, 2012
Bob & JW meet to discuss a second $50,000 loan for MoBo, a rental company Bob owns with his sister, Muareen “Mo”.

March 22, 2012
Star Scientific executive meets with state HR officer about having state employees take Star products to lower state health care costs.

May 22, 2012
JW gives Bob another $20,000.
Emails show six minutes after asking for another loan, Bob sends email to top adviser asking to meet with him to discuss clinical trials at the University of Virginia for Star Scientific products.

Oct. 3, 2012
Bob submits personal finance statement to PenFed bank without disclosing loans from JW.

Feb. 1, 2013
Bob and Maureen send loan application to second bank, don't disclose JW loans.

Feb. 15, 2013
Law enforcement interview Maureen about financial transactions with JW.

Feb. 18, 2013
Bob faxes updated loan applications with JW loans listed.

Jan. 11, 2014
Bob leaves office.

Jan. 21, 2014
Federal grand jury indicts Bob and Maureen McDonnell on 14 counts.

Jan. 24, 2014
McDonnells enter not guilty plea.

Sept. 4, 2014
A jury convicts Bob and Maureen McDonnell of corruption, fraud and bribery,

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