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MTTS: Is it Possible to Eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease in Our Lifetime?

Date(s): 9/21/2013


Alumni Hall, 211 Emmett Street South, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
About More than the Score:
On the mornings of home football games, hear some of the University of Virginia's top minds. The Lifetime Learning Program in the Office of Engagement partners with the Alumni Association in offering More Than the Score. Talks are free and open to all. Seating is limited; registration is required. All talks are held at Alumni Hall at 10:00 am on Saturdays before the home football games.

Is it Possible to Eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease in Our Lifetime?
George Bloom, Professor, Biology and Cell Biology
Timothy Salthouse, Brown-Forman Professor, Psychology, and Director, Virginia Cognitive Aging Project

Join us for an interactive talk that will explore a biological and psychological approach to eradicating Alzheimer’s disease. We encourage anyone interested in or affected by Alzheimer’s disease to attend—family members and friends to medical and scientific professionals alike.

George Bloom, Professor, Department of Biology, A&S and Department of Cell Biology, School of Medicine, will provide an up-to-date report on how Alzheimer's disease begins and progresses. He will probe questions such as why a cure has not yet been found, what new advances will be needed to control the disease and how U.Va.’s research involvement is contributing to the worldwide effort to eradicate this disease.

Timothy Salthouse, Brown-Forman Professor of Psychology, A&S, directs the Virginia Cognitive Aging Project. He will share the goals of this project as it attempts to characterize normal cognitive aging as precisely as possible. This research will hopefully lead to the early detection of abnormal or pathological aging, such as that associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Professor Salthouse will explore recent findings of the project, along with their implications for the early detection of cognitive pathology.

For more information and registration please visit: http://www.virginia.edu/lifetimelearning/mtts-2013.html

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