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Tripping the Light Fantastic - concorDance contemporary’s Evocative, Fiery Dance Concert

Date(s): 9/13/2013, 9/14/2013, 9/15/2013


Albemarle Ballet Theatre, Crozet, VA & 112 West Market Street in Charlottesville, VA
Come trip the light fantastic with concorDance contemporary (cDc) in their evocative, fiery dance concert. cDc presents three shows September 13th and 14th at Albemarle Ballet’s theater in downtown Crozet and one show at the Haven in Charlottesville on September 15th at 2pm.

“For this production, I just wanted to play and have fun making dances. In search of a way to describe our experience, I stumbled upon John Milton’s poem L’Allegro that romanticizes the mirth and merriment of movement.” – Veronica Hart, founder & director.

Seized by the Perfect by Audrey Fenske portrays the never-ending pursuit of perfection in art. Rafael Torralvo, a world-class violinist from Brazil, performs the music of Ysaye and Bach.

Landscape #6: steal only time by Katie Baer Schetlick places performers and audience members in the space between yearning and reflecting. Score by local percussionist Sam Cushman.

Shamone by Veronica Hart captures Tripping the Light Fantastic with the sheer joy of movement. You’ll see throwbacks from Michael Jackson, Austin Powers, and Fosse with hints of the Muppets.

A Million Little Pieces, created and performed by Veronica, is a retrospect of her love affair with dance.

Elevator Theory by Veronica Hart and Edwin Roa transform the brief fantasy one might have on a short ride between floors into a magical fusion of Edwin’s partnered dancing and Veronica’s contemporary and ballet backgrounds.

“Homegrown talent ala New York quality! Veronica Hart is an outstanding choreographer and dancer.” Linda Kuchera-Gage Formerly of American Ballet Theater and The Hamburg Ballet Company

The Artists: Audrey Fenske, Kirsten Glaser, Veronica Hart, Danielle LeCompte, Alanna Mahon, and Edwin Roa, director of Zabor Dance.

Performance dates and times:
Friday September 13th at 8pm • Saturday September 14th at 5pm & 8pm at Albemarle Theatre in Downtown Crozet, 22932 • 434.823.8888

Sunday September 15th at 2pm at the Haven, 112 West Market Street in Charlottesville

Tickets: $10 Purchase online at www.concorDancecontemporary.org/tickets, at their studio in Crozet or at the show. Contact Gary or Veronica Hart at 434-823-8888 or email concorDancecontemporary@gmail.com
Gary Hart or Veronica Hart, 434.823.8888

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