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Protecting Your Digital Identity

Date(s): 4/16/2014


City Space 100 5th St. NE Chalottesville, VA 22902
A Charlottesville Chamber Business Academy Event
Learn How Your Personal and Business Information is Quietly Captured, Used and Sold — Plus Practical Ways to Take Better Control of Your Digital Footprint.

Every web search, tweet, download or other action you take in the digital realm creates a portrait of your identity. And the digital identities we create every day have value — to us and to companies with which we interact. Join fellow business and technology leaders in Central Virginia for an eye-opening discussion about the costs, benefits and threats of sharing our digital information.

What We'll Cover:

How your personal and business information is obtained online.
The many ways everyday technology contributes to our loss of information and privacy
Who is capturing and using your information, and why?
Effective strategies to take control of your business and personal data and improve your overall security stance.

For more information visit: www.getadvanced.net/event-protecting-digital-identity
Advanced Network Systems 855-601-8844

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