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Creative Leadership

Jul 11, 2012 n/a

Online Webinar
Cultivating Organization Creativity in an Age of Complexity
With Susan J. Thomas, Ph.D., IBM Global Business Services, Organizational & People Consulting Practice and MSBCoach
The new leadership differentiator is organizational creativity, but how does an organization identify and cultivate this capability? IBM conducted a global study of 40 creative leaders to explore this question our part of their Centennial Research projects. Findings from IBM’s CEO study indicated that creativity was a key leadership characteristic necessary for success for the next decade; however, a CHRO study also by IBM, indicated that Chief Human Resource Officers didn’t know how to develop creative leaders and are seeking guidance.

In this webinar with MSBCoach and Susan J Thomas, We will explore how organizations can uncover, unlock, and unleash the creativity within their leaders. We will review short case studies and specific suggestions that leaders can use in their organization.

This webinar will answer the following three questions:

What are the key creative capabilities of an organization?
What are the catalysts of these creative capabilities in leaders?
How can these capabilities be scaled across the organization?

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Michelle Braden

Va. Trappers Assoc. Annual Convention

Jul 15, 2011 - Jul 17, 2011 July 15 and 17: 9am - 8pm; July 18: 9am - 10pm

1177 Bloomsbury rd. Orange Va.
Youth and family fun, Trapping demos., door prizes, Raffles, Va. Dept. of Game Fishing Simulator and Laser shoot, and lots of outdoor supplies. Country Poor Bluegrass Band Sat. Night 8:00pm

Steve Colvin 434-996-6067